Call Us: +6010-393-7937

from 8:00 to 22:00 (Mon-Sun) [GMT +8]

Call Us: +6010-393-7937

from 8:00 to 22:00 (Mon-Sun) [GMT +8]

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Reliability & Affordability For Every Product

Jopana prioritizes reliable and affordable products so that customers get higher level of satisfaction for all the items that we offer. Jopana is set to produce its own brand, merchandises, products and a lot more with top quality materials and innovative packaging. Our company is your trusted source of motorsport apparel and we accept custom orders for your personalized designs.


  • Development
    Jopana can verify steady, high-volume supplies of top-quality materials effortlessly by arranging straightforwardly with materials producers and putting in enormous volume requests. The materials utilized for our main items are especially significant. Our top to bottom research and experimentation produces multi-layered upgrades in the usefulness, feel, texture, and silhouette of our garments.


  • R&D (Designing)
    Jopana persistently look into the most recent in new materials and worldwide styles. One year before an item's expected dispatch, the R&D division holds an idea meeting with agents from the promotions, advertising, and materials advancement groups to decide the best design for each season. 


  • Inventory Control
    We always keeps up the ideal degree of store inventory. We does this by checking sales and inventory on a week by week premise, and afterward dispatching essential inventory and new items to satisfy customer orders. Merchandisers and the advertising division cooperate to organize the planning of any price changes for every end of season, to help guarantee that inventory sells out .


  • Production Network
    Jopana does not possess any industrial facilities. We outsource all creation to accomplice industrial facilities in Indonesia. We have manufactured connections of solid trust with our accomplice production lines over numerous years. We observe working conditions and environmental assurance at material makers and real fabric providers, and help factory actualize improvements as required. Keeping up a success association with accomplice factory guarantees the creation of astounding product.


  • Customer Insight Team
    Our customer insight team is essential for us to improve center ranges by dissecting immense volumes of solicitations and remarks from online customers. As of now, this investigation has improved numerous items. In a future, we will try to grow new product that satisfy customer wants by fortifying collaboration with IT expert to further improve our customer data examination ability.


  • Marketing
    Each season, Jopana conducts limited time crusades for center items. Jopana publicizes the items' one of a kind characteristics and essential highlights via social media.


  • Stores
    Jopana has 2 stores in Malaysia by year 2014. The main store located at Pandan City, Johor Bahru, Johor. And the second store located at Sempang Renggam, Johor.
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